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M/V Princess Maria History. Паром Санкт-Петербург-Хельсинки / St. Petersburg-Helsinki. Принцесса Мария. Princess Maria. Паромная компания Saint. Peter Line. Ст Питер лайн. Бронирование билетов на
Name: 1981-1990: Finlandia; 1990-2010:  Queen of Scandinavia;  since 2010: Princess Maria.
Company: 1981-1990: Effoa; 1990-2008: DFDS Seaways; since 2010: St. Peter Line.
Built at
Wartsila shipyard, Turku, Finland
Layed down 18.02.1980; floated off 25.07.1980
In use since 13.04.1981
General characteristics of the vessel accepted for operation in 1980
Tonnage: 25905 GRT, Draught: 3898 tons DWT
Length: 166,10 m; Width: 28,46 m; Draft: 6,70 m. 
Ice class: 1 Super
Velocity: 22 knots
Capacity: 1676 passengers; 1601 berths; 450 vehicles
General characteristics in 2010 г.
Tonnage: 33575 GRT; Draught: 3898 tons DWT
Length: 166,10 m; Width: 28,46 m; Draft: 6,70 m.
Ice class: 1 Super
Velocity: 22 knots
Capacity: 1760 passengers; 1650 berths; 305 vehicles

Паром Queen of Scandinavia. С 2010 Паром Princess Maria. Приинцесса Мария.

M/V Princess Maria, originally MS Finlandia, was built in 1981 by Wärtsilä company at the Perno shipyard in Turku, Finland for Silja Line company. Was owned by DFDS Seaways as of late. MS Finlandia was the first big modern ferry vessel built for Silja Line. At that time she also was also considered the biggest in the world in terms of capacity, number of berths and volume.

Finlandia was initially made "fat" for taking the maximum number of vehicles on board, but this made the vessel extremely hard to sail, especially in the winter period. As a result, Finlandia was sent to docks in January 1982 (after eight months of service), to Perno shipyard in Turku, for giving her a more graceful shape. After the reconstruction at Wärtsilä shipyard in Turku additional cabins were built and restaurants were renovated. Finlandia's interiors were greatly reconstructed at the Wärtsilä shipyard in Helsinki in 1985.

In September 1988 MS Finlandia was sold to Suomen Yritysrahoitus conpany. On May 6th 1990 Finlandia made her last trip to Stockholm and left for Cytyvarvet in Goetheborg. Five days later she was given a new name - MS Queen of Scandinavia. In June 1990 she began her service in DFDS company operating on the Copenhagen-Halsingborg-Oslo route.

In January-April 2000 MS Queen of Scandinavia was rebuilt in Gdynia, Poland.

In June 2001 MS Queen of Scandinavia was transferred to Newcastle-IJmuiden route.

In June 2007 MS Queen of Scandinavia changed its route to Newcastle-Stavanger-Bergen-Haugesund.

In February 2009 MS Queen of Scandinavia was chartered and moved to Oskarshamn harbor, Sweden for being used as a living quarters for the workers.

Since December 2009 the vessel is charted by the Danish police, relocated to Copenhagen.

Since 2010: The vessel was purchased by St. Peter Line company for operating on a new route Helsinki-St. Prtersburg starting from April 2010. The new name of the vessel is Princess Maria.

09.04.2010 At 12:00 Danish time a gala ceremony was held on board of M/V Princess Maria, the Danish ensign being hauled down and Maltese one hoisted.

Паром Принцесса Мария. Princess Maria. Паромная компания Сент Питер Лайн. St. Peter Line.
M/V Princess Maria Description
Cabins description and photos
St. Petersburg Harbour
South Harbour, Helsinki

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