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Useful Links


Useful Links:

Real-time vessel traffic map in the Baltic Sea
Webcams at the borders and roads of Finland web cams
Port of Helsinki.Maps, plans, webcams in the port
Detailed and current information for those who are going to Finland for the first time: everything you need to know about visas, borders, hotels, shops, types of recreation.
Unified information and dispatch service for trips to Finland.
Russian guide in Norway Svetlana Berkova (guide, personal driver, translator, shopping consultant)
Addresses of the official sites of ferry companies.
Official site  Tallink Silja


Destinations: Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia.


Helsinki - Stockholm
Turku - Stockholm
Helsinki - Tallinn
Tallinn - Stockholm
Riga - Stockholm

Official site  Viking Line Destinations: Finland, Sweden, Estonia.


Helsinki - Stockholm
Turku - Stockholm
Helsinki - Tallinn

Official site  Finnlines Routes: Finland-Germany


Official site  TT-LINE Routes Germany - Sweden:


Official site  Stena Line


Sweden-Germany, Sweden-Poland, Denmark-Sweden, Netherlands-Great Britain, Norway-Dannmark

Gothenburg - Kiel, Gothenburg - Frederikshavn, Varberg - Greno, Karlskrona - Gdynia, Hook van Holland - Harvik, Oslo - Frederikshavn

Official site  Scandlines Routes:

Germany - Sweden, Sweden - Denmark, Danmark - Germany

Puttgarden-Rodby, Helsinger-Helsingborg, Rostock-Gedser, Rostock-Trelleborg

Official site  MOBY SPL Routes:

Helsinki - Saint-Petersburg


Book hotels in real time at discount prices.
Booking hotels with discounts. Recommended hotels.



Contact information of the department of internal veterinary supervision and border veterinary control at the State border of the Russian Federation and transport

PVKP "Finland Station"


State inspector Danilchuk Elvira Valerievna 195009,
St. Petersburg,
st. Botkin, 1 A
(812) 436-64-15
PVKP "Harbor" Chief State Inspector Matveev Oleg Konstantinovich St. Petersburg,
Square of Sea Glory, 1, room. 123
(812) 318-31-14

PVKP "Pulkovo"


Chief State Inspector Turkina Anna Alexandrovna 196140,
St. Petersburg,
Pulkovskoye sh., D. 41, liter "ZI", a single terminal building, premises 1153, 1155
324-34-44 (доб. 4799#)


Official websites of shipping companies.

Railway transport

Russian Railways. RUSSIAN RAILWAYS. Schedule, availability, ticket prices.


Finnish railways. VR.


German railways "Deutsche Bahn"



Airline RUSSIA


SAS Scandinavian Airlines




RYANAIR. Airline. Cheap flights from Finland to Germany and other countries.


Air Berlin. Cheap flights from Helsinki to Dusseldorf, Paris, Vienna.





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